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Time flies during this time of the year! It is already half of December and we are all running around planning what to do for Christmas, New Years Eve, buying gifts, arranging pre-Christmas dinners with colleagues and friends; there is hardly any time left to even consider what to wear! To help you out a bit we have listed five trends which will definitely make you steal the show during these holidays! 






Stars are a must have pattern for this time of the year – any piece of clothing with stars looks festive, be it a nice pair of pumps, boots, pants, dress, shirt or jacket. Combine with a long pendulant star necklace or bracelets decorated with small stars from Magnolia. 






Everywhere we look on the streets, we are seeing velvet! No wonder, because during the winter all we want is to be warm and comfortable. It is easy to wear; go for a suit totally in velvet or choose for a fancy blazer or half long velvet boots to give your outfit a luxurious look. Add a little bit of sparkling sterling silver jewellery with Zirconia stones and crystals, and you are ready to steal the show.  







Metallic has been shinning everywhere on the streets. Choosing what to wear has never been so easy, just look around and make the look yours. Look sophisticated in a long silver skirt or go for a cool metallic golden blouse and you are ready to rock the party. Combine with some minimalistic earrings, necklaces or bracelets in contrasting or combining colours. 






The easiest way to wear a pair of fashion tights is to combine them with basic but gorgeous looking outfits. Combine your fashion thights with monotone outfits and add some jewellery in different sizes shapes and colors to finish your party look. Magnolia has themed handmade jewellery in different styles to add a bit of your own personality to what you are wearing. 





Don´t forget about the sequins - it´s impossible to walk around in the streets without seeing this trend everywhere. Keep the rest of your outfit relaxed and casual when wearing it during the day  and choose for all in black for the total evening look.  Choose Swarovski cristals, hemetite or zirconia stones for your jewellery  and combine sterling silver with rose gold.