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Change brings around a fresh start and is certainly something to celebrate. Here at Magnolia, we’ve come up with some jewellery suggestions to mark the changes in your life.

Cubic zirconia studs





Today’s forecast: bright and shining. With a new season fast approaching, match your wardrobe with key pieces from Magnolia Silver Jewellery to the current season.






fashionable necklace





You’ve struck gold, now show the world. If you’ve landed your dream job or received a long-awaited promotion, congratulate yourself with a brand new statement piece of jewellery.A fashionable necklace with the rich glow of silver or gold-filled is an excellent way to express your success.





Opal ring




Let your love glow. Few changes in life are more exciting than new love. Treat yourself to aromantic gold-filled necklace strung with an hamsa pendantOpals are thought to strengthen romantic relationships by boosting trust and fidelity, and a hamsa is believed to be a symbol of good luck.








Birthstones. Celebrate the gift of life. Since the bond between yourself and your newborn is set in stone, why not symbolise this bond with birthstone jewellery. For January jewellery with a red stone will represent your birth stone - granet. Amethyst is the birth stone of February, you can adorn any jewellery with a purple colour stones to show the colour of your birth stone. In March wear the ligth blue aquamarine or any other crystal in this colour. Daimond is the birth stone of April. You can find in Magnolia beautiful cubic zirconia in our dazzling jewellery instead for the diamond. Jewellery with a green colour stone will suit people who were born in May, as its birth stone is a green emerald. You can find a variety of jewellery with a cultured pearl for every event, as the pearl is June's birth stone. Born in July your birth stone is ruby. As this month's stone you can wear a brigth pink or red stones with every attire. Light green peridot stone is August birth stone. Everyone will be green with envy with you wearing jewellery with green colourAn exotic,jewellery with blue crystal as a symbol of sapphire stone - September birth stone. Jewellery with opals are an elegant way of announcing an October birth. Topaz is the perfect way to celebrate a November babies. If you were born this month you can wear various coloured crystals as topaz stone can be found in yellow, pink, purple, orange and blue tones. The birth stone of last month of the year December is turquoise. This stone is available in a wide range of jewellery designsfrom a subtle bracelets to a big statement ring. 

Whatever change your life may bring, mark those moments with a piece of Magnolia Silver Jewellery.

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