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Alternative Ear Jewellery

Alternative Ear Jewellery: Asymmetrical Ear Candy is Made Just for You.

If you are looking for a groundbreaking jewellery trend you will find it with Magnolia's asymmetrical earrings, one drop and one stud. As seen on the latest fashion weeks, statement earrings are making a comeback. This trend is not for shy woman, but for the one that wants to make a memorable impression. These earrings are more suitable for evening attire and when you want to create an unforgettable entrance.

Stud and Drop Earring in One

Stud and Drop Earring in One: Ear Jackets are Here to Stay.

This is the hottest trend on every ear. Front and back silhouettes that create an effortless wearable look. When you are on the fence deciding if you like stud or drop earrings, now you don't have to choose. Ear jackets are the perfect earrings for you combining studs and drops together for two different looks. These earrings' trademark is embellishment behind the lobe that adds a chic look to your ears.

Modern, Elegant and Dainty Close to the Ear

Modern, Elegant and Dainty Close to the Ear: All the Attributes You can Find in Ear Wires. 

Wire earrings have a special wire in the back to hug the ear and hold the earrings in place. The result is an ethereal, delicate and floating effect. Choose a simple silver flower design for a classic look with an edge, or if you're in the mood for a more dazzling appearance, opt for a row of pave setting design with clear and sparkly zirconia. You can wear the pair of ear wires together or only wear one, just follow your mood.

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