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Weddings are, no doubt, the perfect opportunity to wear sparkling jewellery. Attending the celebration as a bridesmaid or wedding guest, you are invited stroll the tents, lawns and banquet halls dressed-up with impeccable style. Here are some thoughts on the jewels that will help you make a sparkling appearance at any wedding.           

Splendid Silver or Glamorous Gold?

Your choice to wear silver or golden jewellery depends greatly on what you plan to wear. Consider the fabric of your dress, the color of your ensemble and the cut of the neckline before you make up your mind. You should go for softer shades over deep hues to add light to your outfit. Looking for subtle elegance and dazzling chic, your choice of gemstones will make the difference. Opt for a timeless string of pearls, brilliant Swarovski crystals stud earrings or dazzling tennis bracelet set with luminous cubic zirconia to add a classic touch to your wedding attire. 


A Toast to Love

Make a toast in honor of the bride and groom with splendor. Adorn you hand with a superb solitaire ring inset with a glistening gemstone or a splendid statement ring set with a luminous pavé of brilliant crystals. Silver or gold plated your choice should be in agreement with the necklace, earrings and bracelet you plan to wear.  

 Picking the right pair of earrings

Your choice of earrings is as crucial as matching your hairdo to your dress. Your choice should harmoniously complement your look. Opt for long drop earring to complement a strapless and V-neck dress and delicate stud earrings to accessorize a round neck or boat-neckline dress. 



 What about the necklace

The golden rule is to match the length of your necklace to the neckline of your dress and the earrings you plan to wear. Elegance and refinement is best achieved by coordinating every piece smartly. Consider toning-down a plunging neckline with a short solitaire necklace or add a touch of color to a plain dress with a long necklace set with a brilliant pendant. Remember opposites attract! Every detail counts.