Magnolia Company


Magnolia is an internationally branded chain of boutique kiosks that exhibits the world’s largest collection of handcrafted sterling silver jewelry. The exceptional offering and unique retail concept answers the needs of discerning women with fashion-sensitive tastes who seek one-of-a-kind designs, genuine value at affordable prices along with a friendly and professional service experience.

Launched in 1996, Magnolia has grown to become the leading retailer of hand-crafted designer silver jewelry. Today, Magnolia has 150 kiosks worldwide, including locations in Canada, Europe and Australia, with further global expansion on the way.

A tantalisingly diverse collection of handcrafted sterling silver jewelry can be found at every one of our locations. We pride ourselves on maintaining a range of nearly 2,000 unique designs at any given location. Only a single piece of each design is on hand at each location so that every woman’s unique taste is expressed in her selection and is unlikely to be found anywhere else.



Magnolia offers 6 months warranty, throughout its range of jewelry, with every purchase.

Our jewelry is made of 925 sterling silver, the highest possible grade of silver for jewelry-making. Each piece is manufactured to the highest quality standards ensuring that you can enjoy your jewelry for years to come.



Paying special attention to detail, Magnolia’s designers dream big and refine their final product by hand. Our approach to fashion and jewellery is unconventional: We find beauty in the subtleties of the unique quality of the materials that simply cannot be duplicated.



We recognise the individuals desire to make a statement that is all your own. Our limited stock policy ensures that only one of each design is available at every store.